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Tualatin Valley Water District has a variety of rebate programs for residential, industrial, and commercial customers that pay you for purchasing water-efficient goods and services.



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Hydrant Flushing Enhances Water Quality


Hydrant flushing involved opening fire hydrants at scheduled intervals to allow the water to flow through the pipes. This enhances water quality by flushing sediment from the pipes, verifies proper hydrant and valve operation, and helps maintain firefighting capabilities. Learn more about this important process or take a look at our current flushing areas.

Willamette Water Supply Program


TVWD, Hillsboro and the partners of the Willamette Water Supply Program have a Web site detailing everything to know about the your newest future water supply. Please take a minute to check it out! You can also take a look at the Program's permit application.

Current News

  • Don't Be Fooled By Water Employee Imposters

    News stories have recently reported about imposters posing as utility employees to collect bill payments or gain entrance into people's homes. While we may call you to remind you about a bill payment, TVWD will never ask for a credit card payment over the phone. In addition, although we may go to your door to ask you a few water-related questions, we will never ask for a payment in person or ask to enter your house without a previous appointment. TVWD employees will always have a photo ID badge.

  • Cyanotoxin Monitoring

    TVWD is testing for cyanotoxins at various entry points to the water distribution system. This monitoring was scheduled in 2017 as part of the EPA's Unregulated Contaminants Monitoring Rule (UCMR4). If cyanotoxins levels are detected at or above the Oregon Heath Authority guidelines, TVWD will notify its customers of any health risks and the necessary precautions individuals should take. Test results as of June 8: No detection, no advisory necessary.

  • Licensed Child Care Facilities Required To Test For Lead

    On February 22, 2018, the Early Learning Council adopted rules that require all licensed child care providers in Oregon to test for lead in their drinking water and if lead is detected, the provider must remove known lead sources. Accredited laboratories must be used to test for lead in water and providers must submit test reports by September 30, 2018.


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