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Tualatin Valley Water District has a variety of rebate programs for residential, industrial, and commercial customers that pay you for purchasing water-efficient goods and services.



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Willamette Water Supply Program


TVWD, Hillsboro and the partners of the Willamette Water Supply Program have a Web site detailing everything to know about the your newest future water supply. Please take a minute to check it out! You can also take a look at the Program's permit application.

Current News

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Requesting Public Comment on the on the Willamette Water Supply System Joint Permit Application

    In April 2017, the Tualatin Valley Water District and City of Hillsboro submitted their Joint Permit Application to the US Army Corps of Engineers and Oregon Division of State Lands. The application contains information about the Willamette Water Supply System's intake modifications in the Willamette River, the new water treatment plant and reservoir, and more than 30+ miles of new pipeline. The coordinated federal and state process covers reviews for wetland impacts, endangered species, cultural resources, and other natural resource impacts.

  • A Call To Action on Imagine a Day Without Water

    Imagine: No water to drink, fight fires, water crops, shower, or flush the toilet. Some communities in America already have experienced how difficult it can be to go a day without our most precious resource: Water. October 12 is Imagine a Day Without Water - an opportunity to raise awareness and talk about the value and importance of water in all our lives.

  • New Online Bill Payment System Now Available

    You spoke and we listened. TVWD has changed to a new, user-friendly and secure online payment system called Paymentus and it is now available. TVWD has contracted with a new vendor - Paymentus - after conducting a rigorous product selection process which included customer testing and evaluations. Customers who currently pay online or through the interactive voice response will be pleased to hear that Paymentus is user friendly while protecting personal financial information.


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