NW Nestucca Drive Water Main Replacement

Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) recently replaced 1,700 feet of water main serving your neighborhood. We first want to sincerely apologize for failing to provide project notification to you and the other neighbors in the area. We strive to improve our communications to be a better community member moving forward.

Construction activity will be finished in the coming weeks. In light of our communication oversight, we want to apologize and let you know what work remains to finish the water main replacement project.

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What is TVWD doing?2018-11-19_14-31-03

TVWD recently installed 1,700 feet of new 6-inch water mains serving homes on NW Nestucca Drive. Hoss Paving has been hired to re-pave the area within the street that was dug to install the new water main.

How does this affect me?

Construction Schedule

Paving will start on Monday, January 14 and take approximately two to thee days to complete. Equipment will be staged in the area as early as January 9 in preparation. Street parking may be limited or temporarily closed in sections to allow room for equipment to operate safely. We ask residents to be mindful of areas temporarily closed to ensure final paving can proceed as scheduled.

Paving is planned to occur from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Paving operations are heavily depending upon temperature and weather conditions. Any schedule changes will be posted here.

Traffic Disruptions

Vehicular and pedestrian access within the project area will likely be limited during final paving. Traffic on NW Nestucca Drive will at times be limited to one lane during working hours. Temporary driveway access may be provided but residents should plan to have limited access while paving is in front of their homes.

General Construction Disruptions

During construction, heavy equipment and materials will be located in the work area. These areas will be clearly marked with cones and/or caution tape. When construction is occurring, noise and dust may be present.

How can I stay informed?

TVWD will provide regular updates about the project website. Residents can also sign up through the website to receive timely updates via email.

Please note that due to a variety of reasons, all timelines are subject to change. Updates on timing and progress will be provided by email.