NW Nestucca Drive Water Main Replacement

TVWD finished replacing 1,700 feet of water main serving this area in January 2019. Construction activity is finished with the final street paving in the areas where the water main was replaced. Customers who have questions about the project can contact Customer Service at 503-848-3000.

What did TVWD do?2018-11-19_14-31-03

TVWD installed 1,700 feet of new 6-inch water mains serving homes on NW Nestucca Drive. Hoss Paving was hired to re-pave the area within the street that was dug to install the new water main.

Why now?

Upgrading water mains helps to provide reliable water service into the future, reduces the chance for leaking and broken water mains, and provides greater fire protection coverage.

The previous water main was deteriorated and identified as a high priority for replacement.

How can I stay informed?

Residents can also sign up through the website to receive timely updates via email.