Bulk Water Program

green_capped_hydrantTVWD offers two options for access to bulk water: Hydrant Permits which allow approved vehicles to access water from specific hydrants, and temporary Hydrant Meters for projects and construction sites. Both require proper backflow protection and approval by TVWD.

Hydrant Permits

This process allows vehicles equipped with a tank to access water from specific hydrants throughout TVWD's service area. These hydrants have been approved by TVWD and are identified by their green caps.

TVWD requires all vehicles obtaining water from District hydrants to be equipped with an approved air gap. To protect the water system, air gaps must be inspected at the time of application by District water quality staff. Applicants must also have a Chapman valve, hydrant wrench, proper filling hose, and undergo a quick training session on proper hydrant operation to meet final approval.

It is the permit holders' responsibility to notify the District of use and non-use as specified in the final permit. The permit holder must record the dates of each tank fill as well as the amount taken. This record is to be maintained by the permit holder and kept in the permitted vehicle. Water use must be submitted quarterly to the District at which time TVWD will bill the permit holder. As stated in TVWD's Rules and Regulations, any violation of the permit may be subject to fines and immediate revocation of the permit.

Permit lengths and associated fees are outlined in the table below. All applicants must fill out an application form and email it to TVWD. District staff will contact the permit applicant to confirm pre-approval, provide payment details, and arrange the final inspection. A map of hydrants allowed for bulk water usage will be provided with the final permit.

Vehicle inspections and hydrant training are available by appointment during the following times:

  • Tuesdays: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Thursdays: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Appointments must be made at least one day in advance.  Missed appointment times and unscheduled inspections will not be accommodated.

Temporary Hydrant Meters

TVWD recognizes construction sites and projects often need access to bulk water. Site specific water meters and backflow assemblies are made available by the District for this need. This permitting process requires review and approval, which may take up to several business days depending on the applicant's needs. Once a hydrant has been selected for use, the meter and backflow assembly shall not be moved to another location without prior approval from TVWD.

A deposit payment is required along with a fee, both of which are outlined in the table below. The deposit portion is refundable less District labor charges and water usage when the construction meter is returned without damage. Hydrant meters are 3 month terms with the option to extend for one additional term, plus the associated fee. Extensions require the meter to be read and usage billed, along with having the backflow assembly retested at the applicant's expense. The maximum time allowed for temporary hydrant meter usage is 6 months.

To request a temporary hydrant meter, fill out an application form and email it to TVWD. TVWD will contact the applicant to confirm availability and begin the review process. If there is no meter currently available, applicants can be placed on a wait list for the next available meter.

Hydrant Permit and Meter Fees

Hydrant Permits



3-Month Permit


6-Month Permit


12-Month Permit


Temporary Hydrant Meter




1-inch meter & backflow assembly



2-inch meter & backflow assembly


3-inch meter & backflow assembly


Bulk Water Costs

$5.23 per unit

1 unit = 748 gallons