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Every Sunday from 1:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m. and every third Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., TVWD's Web site will be unavailable due to routine maintenance. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


Through the generosity of TVWD customers, more than $8,100 has been donated during 2013 to assist those who need help paying their water bills. These contributions were provided to Care to Share to distribute the funds to those in need.  Read more about Care to Share, including how you can donate or request assistance.

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Get paid to use less water

Tualatin Valley Water District has a variety of rebate programs for residential, industrial, and commercial customers that pay you for purchasing water-efficient goods and services.



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Are you moving into our district?

Let us know the date and we'll be sure to have your water service ready when you get here! Call (503) 642-1511 or sign up online.


Our Reliable Water Web Site


TVWD, Hillsboro and the partners of the Willamette Water Supply Program have a Web site detailing everything to know about the your newest future water supply. Please take a minute to check it out!


Save Time and Money - We Can Schedule Your Residential Backflow Prevention Assembly Test


Did you know all underground irrigation systems require backflow protection? For your convenience, TVWD can arrange for the required annual testing of your backflow prevention assembly(s). A $35 testing fee per assembly will be applied to your water bill. An application form is available on our web page or call (971) 327-6285.

Current News

  • Willamette Water Supply Preferred Route Identified

    March 3, the preferred pipeline route for the Willamette Water Supply Program was shared with the TVWD Board of Commissioners. Program partners, TVWD and Hillsboro Water, agreed to move the preferred pipeline route to the next round of technical review and continued public engagement. The preferred pipeline route will be shared with the other jurisdictions along the route during the next two months. The preferred route is more than 30 miles long, from Wilsonville north through Hillsboro and Beaverton. Posted 3-5

  • Hillsboro Police And Water Departments Warn Against Imposters

    TVWD, Hillsboro Water Department and the Hillsboro Police Department (HPD) reminds the public about personal safety following a recent report of individuals falsely identifying themselves as utility employees. Recently, HPD officers received a report of two suspicious men who gained access to a person's home by posing as water department employees. Posted 2-24

  • TVWD Purchases Firefly Vehicle

    TVWD recently purchased a Firefly electric vehicle to be tested for use by District meter readers. TVWD meter readers need a unique vehicle since they get in and out of their vehicles nearly 500 times per day and reading routes require a right-handed drive vehicle. Posted 2-2

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